Numbers 6:24 Dainty Gold Scripture Cuff in Hebrew for Women, Beautifully Packaged, Handmade in Israel (Gold)

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Inspirational Hebrew Gold cuff with a biblical verse inscribed around it in biblical Hebrew font.

The jewelry has the first verse from Numbers: 6:24, known as the blessing of the priests: "May the LORD bless you and guard you." According to Wikipedia: "The source of the text is Numbers 6:23–27, where Aaron and his sons bless the Israelites with this blessing. 

The cuff is light weight, dainty and flexible, it can open and close quite a bit because of it’s flexibility.

Perfect gift for Hanukkah and Christmas!

  • YOUR NEW FAVORITE - Let me introduce you to your new favorite piece of Jewish jewelry. It's so comfortable, you will not want to take it off, and of course the spiritual energy of it remains with you throughout the day! 
  • COMPLIMENT GRABBING JEWELRY - Imagine getting Oohs and Aahhs from those around you on your new wow cuff when you wear it - Compliments galore!
  • PERFECT GIFT, EVEN FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS EVERYTHING - Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Such a meaningful and thoughtful gift of Jewish jewelry is bound to turn into a HUGE hit!
  • INFUSED WITH JEWISH ENERGY - Feel happiness and joy every time you wear this jewelry because you know that you are keeping your Jewish tradition with you, to support and protect you and your loved ones.
  • Cuff is about 6 inches around and 1/2 inches wide. Made of gold plated brass. The cuff is so great and comfortable, meaningful and special. For best condition, please avoid contact with soap, perfumes or other chemicals.